Thursday, June 30, 2011

#24 Distractions & Dragons

Wow I haven't posted anything in quite a while! 

Now that the kids are out of school and home all day, every day, 
it's a little hard to work on projects. 
So I have decided to employ them.

I found kids are great to use for separating and 
crumpling balls of newspaper! 
They are also good for covering a few balls in paper mache (although very messy). 
So I saved a little time, but I had lot more clean up after.  

FYI a four year old playing in paper mache glue, is one wild scene.

Our project this month (I could only manage the one) was this dragon trophy.

He is again made using Dan Reeder's techniques.
I have used his methods before (#19 Scary Fish) but it is absolutely beyond a doubt made for dragons! 

Buy his books, check out his site or blog "Gourmet Paper Mache' 
and be prepared to be amazed by the master.

If you want details they are in the book 'Monsters'. 
Lots of step by step color images, and detailed instructions
 and Dan's slightly twisted since of humor (that I also love).
It's available on Amazon

It starts with classic paper mache shaped in balls and such.

The teeth are sculpy.

The cloth mache methods invented by Dan is what really makes the difference.
You will also need several coat hangers and a lot of masking tape.

It's pretty cool to watch him take shape.

The whole time I was thinking of an alligator.

Now he started looking like a dragon.

The eyes are gold sculpy. I painted an iris on and made them shine with some clear nail polish.

The webbing part is so cool. 
I found I love cutting and trimming dry cloth mache webbing... it is strangely  satisfying.

after he had a skin I added scales and the other details.

Of course paint I went with purple mouth green tongue and orangish color.

He is pretty good sized fella, a little over 3ft long. 

Any way  I love him. He hangs on my wall right by the front door so he is the first thing you see when you come in my home.