Sunday, September 12, 2010

#9 Enchanted Fruit

This is just a little Dollar Store project that popped in my head while wandering around. 

They had all this plastic fruit and then these plastic silver trays they also sell the moss there if needed. 

The rest is just black paint, glue and black glitter. 

I love the Martha Stewart Glitters at Michaels, that is what I used here.

 There are no step by step photos, because it's pretty self explanatory... but if you have a question let me know.

First I just painted it black. 
Easy enough you would think but I had a little problem with the rubber grapes and spray paint. It was tacky forever. I used black plastic paint too... any way I went over it with a brush and acrylic paint and it fixed it. 
So just try that if you don't want to do the glitter part, other wise the stickiness isn't a big deal since we are just going to be brushing glue on next.

Like I said you can stop here if you are not into the glitter, but I am... so there you go.

I made a mix of 1 part elmer's glue/ one part water and brushed it on and sprinkled my glitter. 

Glitter tips..
Use a paper plate or something  flexible so none of the glitter you shake off goes to waste. 

Only do a little section at a time so glue doesn't dry before you get to glitter it. 

Wait for it to dry before starting the next section.

Thats it nothing to it. It looks really cool in a creepy little vignette 

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