Thursday, October 14, 2010

#12 Candy Corn Vodka

I love infusing vodkas! 

 So when I stumbled across this recipe on the internet a few weeks ago, I simply had to try it
It's pretty easy and very tasty stuff..... especially the cocktail I made with it, at the bottom.

You need ....

1/2 cup candy corn
1 1/2 cups Vodka  (Not the cheep stuff, I used Smirnoff)

I used a mason jar, but you can use anything as long as it seals. 
Just pour your candy corn and vodka into your container and seal. 

The directions say let it sit at least 3 hours... I just left it over night. 

I used a metal strainer and paper towels to strain it.

Shake up your jar and pour your vodka into the paper towels squeeze it out, 
to get rid of all the mushy candy gunk. 

Then strain it again.
 I strained it about 4 times total, to get rid of all the little floaty bits.

I poured it into a bottle, dressed it up, and stuck it in the fridge. 
The end result is very sweet and kind of like vanilla vodka.

It would make a good gift as well.
 Maybe in a cute candy corn themed gift basket for a costume contest...hmmmm?

There was a cocktail with the recipe....but it was citrus...had raw egg in it... blah!
 I wanted more fall flavor... so heres what I came up with, using what I had on hand. 
I am not a mixologist. I like to just throw things in the glass until it tastes good. 
Feel free to tweak the amounts or offer suggestions.

Anyway here it is.....

1 part Bailys or Plain Cream
1 Part Candy Corn Vodka
1 Part Butterscotch schnapps

You can mix these ingredients over ice in a shaker and pour
 or if you are talented 
you could chill and layer the ingredients so it looks like a candy corn. 
 I suck at layering drinks and messed it up.... 
but darn it is so yummy, who cares!

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  1. Unfortunately, as a diabetic I can't have candy corn or vodka. Alas!