Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#29 Vintage Witchy Recipe box

For a while I have been meaning to organize all the Halloween recipes I've collected over the years in a fun way. 

So I was feeling crafty the other day as usual.
On all of my big projects either the paper mache was still drying or I didn't have supplies to continue, and it has been so hot I just didn't feel like going out and shopping.

Anyway, I found an old unfinished recipe box (they sell them in the unfinished wood section at most craft stores). I've had it for a while actually just never could decide what to do with it.

My first thought was  to decoupage on it. So I started looking up vintage Halloween images online. Here are a couple I really liked...

But then I saw an image on a vintage paper hat for sale for $100!
(hmm can't find the link anymore.)

I just fell in love with it. 
So I decided to hand paint the box with a similar design.

First I simply painted the box black and the top of the lid orange with acrylic paints.

Then eyeballing it, I drew the image on in pencil and went over in black paint.

Added more details until I was satisfied.

I glued on a pretty ribbon as trim around the lid, and then sealed the whole thing with a matte varnish.

For the inside dividers, I made tombstone shaped tabs out of black card-stock and wrote on them in white pencil. 
I will probably redo these a little better soon with some of the pretty Halloween paper craft stuff they have out now.

Lastly I just I printed up the halloween recipes on cardstock in the appropriate sizes.  

Now all my witchy goodies are in one organized space. 


  1. I love the image you chose to paint. The recipe box looks awesome.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this project. Very cool and the dividers inside are really creative. Great job!!

  3. Thank you both
    I hope to make a old looking spell book with my recipes in it as well, but maybe for next year. And feel free to copy the image I painted too.

  4. God knows what kinds of recipes lie within! Menacing Mizerella and her gruesome goodies.