Friday, February 3, 2012

Rock on Gold Dust Woman

 I have been gone for some time.
I have not had time for things lately. Art hasn't been much of a comfort...nothing has. 

I lost my beautiful sister to cervical cancer on Sunday the 22nd of January.

She was only 39.

This was very quick and unexpected. The Drs. had so much hope. Then suddenly it went wrong very quickly and she was gone. I  think I am still in shock. Words can not describe the pain and the loss . 

 My sister was one of the most interesting people you could ever meet. She traveled the world and lived more in her short life than most people do in a hundred years. I guess I understand now why she always seemed in a hurry to do everything. 

 But make no mistake even though she looked like an Angel with her golden hair and lovely face, she could be even darker than me in her morbid since of humor. 

She hated  funerals too. So even though we did a traditional wake for everyone else, we had a private ceremony on the beach at night with lanterns and cloaks singing songs into the sea. Saying good-by the way she would have wanted... heartfelt, weird, and shocking to all outsiders who witnessed the eccentricities of this family. She loved that!

She was one of my biggest fans too. I just really want to call her right now and laugh. I just really want to call her and hear her voice.

Our brother Ben made these beautiful posters for her wake

I love you sis!
I am still not sure how we will go on. 
The world is just not very interesting without you.


  1. My heart hurts for you and your family. :(

  2. A Sister is a great epitome of companionship, care and continuous encouragement all through the life. The death of your sister Elizabeth is indeed painful. My sympathies with you on this bereavement.

    You talked together. You played together. You walked together. You shared your pain or pleasure together. Your sister Elizabeth was indeed the best friend and most caring companion in your life. My heartfelt condolences to you at this Sad Time

  3. So very sorry to hear about your loss. I pray for comfort for you and your family.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry. Sisters are a treasure, I'm so so sorry that you have lost yours.

  5. So sorry to hear of your sad loss! Heartfelt condolences to you and your loved ones!

  6. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I just discovered your page and it is beautiful.I cant imagine the pain you are feeling. My condolences to you and yours.

  7. I really truly appreciate all the condolences and kind words. I plan to get back to it here very soon. I have a couple commissions I am working on and some spring cleaning to do. I will be back with new posts in the upcoming weeks. Thank you again.

  8. I really feel with you, lost my beloved sister almost ten years ago and my beloved daddy in january this year . . . words can't describe this kind of sadness.

  9. I am so sorry AntiMuse. You are right, I never really understood the saying "there are no words" until now. I heard a quote a while back... "People always tell you life goes on, but they don't tell you that's not necessarily a good thing."

  10. I stumbled onto your blog through a pinterest tag and your post about your sister really hit home. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my little sis to cancer 5 years ago and she was the only one as warped and twisted as I am and I still want to pick up the phone and call her whenever I see something strange or hilarious. You never stop missing her and you never forget the sound of her laughter.

    1. I am sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you mean. I still get impulses to call her, and not being able to is one of the hardest things. I was able to make her laugh with my weirdness like no one else. I miss that sound so much.

    2. I found your blog off a Pintrest post. You are amazingly talented. You make me want to do all these Halloween projects... Then I will be disappointed because they won't look like yours. I also wanted to say that I am so sorry about your sister. I work in the funeral business and it never gets easy. My heart is heavy for your loss.

    3. I found your site from pinterest - the Halloween stuff. This post hit so hard. I just lost my beautiful baby sister to breast cancer in 2016. And, going backwards thru your posts, I read your first post with your "angelic" photo. It was a huge shock as you were the very image of my fantastic sister when she was a little girl. I am so sorry about your loss, your sister looked as special as my sister - you made me cry.