Saturday, January 25, 2014

#34 Lord Of The Rings?

One of my favorite things about spring here in Arizona is the Renaissance Festival!

 It's always more fun if you can dress up. I sometimes like dressing as a simple bawdy wench, but on some occasions, I feel a little more ladylike and I need to let out my inner princess. 

The traditional flower circlets are great fun to make,(perhaps I'll post those later)but sometimes I want something with a little more sparkle….I like sparkle!

So there you have it, the circlet crown. 

I will warn you making these can be kind of addictive. I have made so many of these things! Nothing like having a good old Lord of the Rings marathon while making circlet crowns!

For this project I used images from several different crowns in progress, but I think you can still get the basic idea.

I used a thicker wire (sorry forgot the exact gage, I'll edit that in later) You can find good thick wire in the jewelry and floral sections at craft stores. Sometimes I just use regular wire from the home improvement store.

 I use an assortment of regular tools and more precise jewelry tools, but a pair of needle nose pliers and wire cutters can get the job done depending on how detailed you want to be. 

      I have a big collection of medallions I use for the embellishments. I'm always checking the jewelry section for something inspiring be it earrings, broaches, necklace. craft stores have ails full of great stuff but don't forget the jewelry sections at regular stores. Or you can go a step further and custom make your medallion out of clay. I usually like to find a nice centerpiece first and build the crown around it. The butterfly broach below inspired the crown above. 

I also used an assortment of chains and some clasps.                           

So for the crown itself  I start with sketching out designs on paper. When I get the basic idea I draw a more refined pattern of one side. I use the pattern as a guide as I bend the wire along the lines. Then I flip it over and mirror the pattern on the other side. I make my design so that it can be one continuous piece. I take my time on this part. 


When I get the design right I form it around my head until I get the right shape, also making sure it's comfortable.

You don't really have to connect the joints but it just makes the piece stronger and last a little longer. There are a couple different techniques I use….

I am just a novice myself, so I won't do a tutorial on soldering

I think it goes without saying Soldering involves flames and toxic materials so please I suggest anyone interested in it, do lots of research and even take a class before trying it. All warnings aside soldering is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it!

Still, I am not responsible if you destroy property, hurt, or kill yourself or anyone! 

Some of the wire I use (like color coated floral wire) can't actually take the heat from the soldering method. 
So sometimes I use strong glue for metal, or 
I'll even wrap a very thin jewelry wire around the joints.

I like to use a chain to attach it in back. 
You could also make it a full circlet with the wire only or just make it a tiara and maybe attach it with hair pins. 
I just like the chains.
I like to give the chain some slack as well, so it's adjustable depending on the poofiness of my hair style.

I keep checking and make sure it fits nice and comfortably

When adding the medallions and embellishments, (again like the joints) I either solder, glue or use wire. Again it all depends on the material and sometimes my mood. 

They can be made as simple or extravagant as you like.
The possibilities are really endless!

The green one below, I made from decorative green wire I found in the floral aisle at the dollar store. The flower center was actually an embellishment from the craft store scrapbook section. I also added a bunch more chains and jewels.


Here is a kind of lame picture of it with my dress. 
Kind of a Gypsy Elf thing going on here.



  1. Hi.
    Love your BLOG, especialy the werewolf and the dragon!
    Can I use the picture of the wolf for a book that im writing about wolves?

    Thank you very much!


  2. Dear Mizerella,
    Just landed on your Blog from Pinterest. I am enjoying your work. I would appreciate it if you emailed links to other blogs/pinterest/cut out& keep/ Facebook sites that you are on. We have Halloween and Ren Faires in common. I am a newbie in the Ren faire arena.
    * I am on Cut Out & Keep =
    ( Newbie)-------and Facebook=
    Thanks for sharing your crafts with the internet world.
    Sincerely, Mrs. Nora M.

  3. Browsed pinterest for a circlet because I have exactly 4 days to make one and I found your tutorial with much delight! Really hoping I can pull it off with a random thing of beading wire I have (I think my craft supplies are multiplying, I swear I didn't buy half of this stuff). I will be sure to link back to your post if I manage to pull it off :D

  4. Are you ever working on this again?

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