Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#20 And The Award Goes To....

 At Halloween I like to have a big party.
So every year I need some new best costume awards.

A little hot glue, some gold spray paint, and dollar skeletons that have been in a tote since last year.....

 have finally found a purpose.

He is holding just a wooden dowel. I will likely add a clay pumpkin topper

In case you are new to my blog you may have noticed I have a Dollar Store addiction. I sometimes buy things there with no idea exactly what I will do with them but I just know there is some potential. 

So yes, I mindlessly spend money on things there all the time. Suze Orman would be yelling at me now.

Anyway here they are the little 12" skellis from Dollar Tree. They are floppy jointed kooky little guys. Something comic about them attracted me and the fact that I could get so many. So I bought them almost two years ago but they have them every year it seems.

Note get em early this is something that will sell out. If you are dollar store shopper you know, buy Halloween in August.... Christmas in October etc.

Found these little plaques in different shapes at Michael's craft store. They ranged from fifty cents to a dollar.

So using my trusty Hot Glue Gun I start at the feet and work up. I broke the limbs and glued them back on in the pose I wanted. That gives them a little more range of movement.

I plan on making these into best costume awards so I posed some appropriately.

See bellow "Funniest" and "Sexiest"

I clipped there little hanging loops of their heads as well.

I played a round with them. I was thinking these would be fun over the kitchen cabinets as well.

Just some skeletons having a good time. Oh you could add accessories like a little apron, and chef hat, a mini wine glass. a little feather boa.... OMG! Cute potential!


  1. Wow, what a great idea! Love those!

  2. I love this! I'm incredible impressed at your ability to convey emotions through these little guys :)

  3. These are hilarious and awesome. We'll feature them on Dollar Store Crafts when we get closer to Halloween!

  4. I started making these the other night. I love them! I cannot wait until my Halloween party. Thanks for the great idea! (:

  5. Found this on pinterest! You are so clever! Great job!

  6. Can I just tell you how darn clever this is? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Did you spray paint them, it didn't say.

  7. These are so smart. Love the idea. To keep cos t down you could use jar lids for the base,just fill it with plaster of paris or leftover dry wall spackling to add weight for stability.

  8. Thanks everyone glad you like them.
    Anna the lid idea is a very good one too!

  9. I laughed out loud! The poses and little details you did for each award are hilarious!

  10. Hi there I'm new to your blog, as a matter of fact just found it yesterday and I have to tell you I'M LOVING IT!!!! Your posts, your art and creativity are amazing and refreshing in this world of cookie cutter decor and sense of humor! Thank You so much for writing for us who think outside the "coffin"!!!

  11. the couple and the sexiest are the funniest! haha

  12. So CUTE!!! I needed an idea for awards and I'm so glad I found your site! Funny thing is I have those same skeletons from years past!! I now know what to do with them!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing!!

  13. So fun. lol

    Those look fairly large. I've seen small ones (5" or so) in bags for $1, but never larger ones. Those tend to be a buck a piece, which still isn't bad.

  14. what was the one with the foot up in the air for? And what did you use for the labels? i love this idea!!!

  15. This is AMAZING!! Found you on Pinterest....thank you so much for blogging this great idea!