Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#21 Scorpion Orchid

I had made this tutorial a while back and just forgot to post it. 
It's another of my Fearsome Foliage. 

Yes I know.... another plant! 
But you know witches have a lot of weird stuff in their garden.

There is a real flower called the Scorpion Orchid but what I had in mind was a bit more literal.

I again used "Creative Paper Clay" because this needs to be extremely light as not to weigh down the delicate silk plant. Paper clay is the perfect choice here. 

So I am making a super light weight yet long scorpion tail.

I rolled little cylinders of the clay and pushed them on just regular floral wire approximately 3 to 4 inch length.

When I had the amount I wanted I smoothed and evened it all out. Then I curved the wire like a scorpions tail and defined or added more joints as needed.

 For the stinger tip just a little ball of clay.....

...gently rolled one end..... a point......

..and stuck it on the end of the tail.

Let it dry completely.

For the claw like stamens, you could just curl some extra stem pieces from a silk flower.

Or I found these claw like pieces inside a plant I had, and just bent them into curves.

The flower was just a simple dollar store orchid. I manipulated it slightly. 

Since this was only an experiment I went cheap, but I will likely try this with a nicer silk orchid next time.

With Hot glue I attached the tail to the back of the flower. I also glued between the joints of the tail that didn't stick to each other, and hot glued the stamens in the front center of the flower.

I painted the tail black and added some brown highlights. I also painted the stamens and flower center and used water down black paint to stain the petals and leaves.

And there you have it .


  1. wow! It's perfect this tutorial, I think that I will try to make this. And maybe one of tutorials serve me for my dollhouse!
    Your blog is very nice and interesting! I will visit you! ^^

  2. I love your design! I'm so intregued by the whole wicked plant/garden theme. Keep the wicked plants coming!

  3. Lovely but creepy, but then you always are!