Friday, July 1, 2011

#25 Something Old, Something New

So I was walking in the good will and saw an old wedding dress 
for just $20!
I love old wedding dresses! Usually just dying them grey and messing them up a little is great for a ghostly costume or prop. 
However this time I wanted to go for something a little more ambitious.

I decided I would be Lydia, Winona Ryder's character from the 80s film "Beetlejuice" for Halloween!

Me doing my best Lydia face. I had been told I look a little like her since the movie came out back when I was a kid. 

 I grabbed a couple bottles of Rit red Dye and did the messy deed of turning an old wedding dress red. However the dye did not take to the fabric and its was a dull rose color, and the lace unfortunately turned kind of burgundy.

If I had it to do over i would skip the dye process all together and went strait to spray paint.

They sell fabric spray paint and I used about 5 bottles. I spent more on paint than the dress. It was quite a lot of fabric on the dress and it was very messy!

I did it mostly in the garage and I never want to smell fabric paint again thanks!

I wonder if regular red spray paint would work? 
The dress was a little crunchy anyway so what would it matter?

Anyway I finally had it looking somewhat red, but it needed a little more punch and fluff.

Like my feet?

I bought a bunch of red tule fabric and made a veil and added some to the dress here and there to punch up the  color.

Here you can see how unfortunately some of the lace turned very dark but oh well.. live and learn.

Notice the eerie background set of my cluttered bed room!

I added some gloves that helped punch it up a bit too.

The hair is naturally that messy no need to do anything there.


  1. That is really cool! You look perfect!

    Thanks for tip on the fabric paint. Good to know.


  2. haha that was awesome you looked great in a eerie sort of way..:D

  3. It's been a while since I've seen that movie - but when I saw the pic, I thought you were Lydia!!! Looks great!

  4. Thanks all! It's funny I am only a few years younger than her and it was a pretty big hit movie back then. Everyone was telling me "You look like that weird little girl, and you act like her too!" I took it as a compliment.

  5. I love this! I love this! I was thinking of going as "Miss Argentina" but I wasn't sure how the green body paint would go throughout the night.

  6. Amber, you should try Hydrocolor or Aquacolor makeups. It's a type of pro theatrical makeup. Kryolan makes it also Ben Nye and WolfeFX all in every color you can imagine. It's a solid pallet (like water colors) You use a moist sponge to wet it and apply. It dries completely mat. Doesn't smudge or come off. It's what they use in the Musical 'Wicked'. You can order it online.

  7. Mizerella, I had used that paint on a coat for my husbands Hatter costume (Tim Burton's) it is messy and stinky, but I did try spray paint and that paint together on a piece scrap material. They both get crunchy but in the wash the fabric paint comes out not crunchy where the spray paint was still crunchy. :) You can take a peek at our costumes here I was Alice in the Um Dress and he was Mad Hatter. I am a all out Burton fan and you nailed this costume!! I love it!!

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