Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#26 Vampire Kit

Vampires can be a real nuisance!

That's why I like to have my trusty vampire kit on hand! 
Especially on those late nights
 when I am alone working in my garage.

It all started on one fateful trip to Hobby Lobby.

I found this box in the unfinished wood section. 
I glued on the cross cutout (also in the wood section) and stained it all.

What inspired me most are this beautiful little bottle and a silver crucifix. 
The bottle was in a perfume bottle display. 
As for the crucifix... if you haven't been to a Hobby Lobby, 
to say they have a lot of Crosses is an understatement!
 There are so many lovely ones to choose from.  I decided to stay on the simpler side for that.

Garlic, I actually had a fake garlic garland from the dollar store. 
I just tore a couple off and tied them up with raffia.

For the wooden stake I used a 1"wooden dowel (below, also in the wood section).
I cut it the length to fit my box, and carved a sharp point.
I almost killed myself several times doing this.
 I also used my wood burner to make symbols in the side, 
just because that seemed like the right thing to do. 
I then stained it and wrapped some twine around the handle and used glue to keep it secure.

I lined the box with cheap velvet wanna be scraps that I had on hand. 
If I had it to do again I would buy a stiffer felt like fabric because the floppy velvet was a nightmare!
 I ended up cutting pieces of scrap felt and covering them with my velvet.
It was annoying and time consuming but it looks pretty now. 
I was just being cheep, but I wont do it that way again.

Oh and i wanted it to have sections for the pieces. 
I measured and cut cardboard and covered them with the velvet as well 
and then glued them in place.

So there is my Vampire Kit!  
Ready on hand in case I ever need it!

Warning: This Vampire Kit may not work on Twilight Vampires!
The best way to destroy a Twilight Vampire, 
 is to tease them until they develop an eating disorder.

Just kidding....I like to make fun of Twilight, but I don't hate it. 
And my nieces like it, so I can't be too mean.


  1. Wow, I'm amazed at how good the sections look - that just makes me want to go make a box, just so I can put sections in it! :) You did a really great job with the box, I love the goodies inside, and it all just comes together beautifully - hard to believe that it was in the plain jane unfinished aisle at one time!! Found your blog through Dan Reeder, can't wait to cruise your archives!

  2. Thank you Dawn. I hope you do make one and share pictures if you do.

  3. Have you noticed that most comments come before dawn? I'm just saying...

  4. A tip for making box compartments: use a slab of clay, cover it in felt, then press your bottles/whatever into the velvet covered clay and then you get perfectly shaped velvet inserts.

    That was a terrible description, but here are some pictures of a vampire kit I did a while back:

    Anyway, sorry to comment a million years after you posted this. Haha.

    1. Actually that is an excellent description and a wonderful idea. I will definitely use that on my next box.
      Thank you Louhi!

  5. Oh my gosh! That Hocus Pocus book is incredible! I seriously want one! Did you say you may be willing to sell these? If so, how much? You may contact me at Thanks!