Monday, April 18, 2011

#22 Zombie Bunny

I don't know why I did this. 

I saw this idea as an April fools joke and wanted a real one.
Since I had all the supplies on hand, it was a no brainer!

It's happening!

I already had the mold for a chocolate bunny along with my many other candy molds.

You can buy bunny molds online or at a local cake supply store. 
Mine is kind of big almost 10" tall! 
I would suggest going for a small mold if you are starting out in candy making.
 Plus this guy uses alot of chocolate!

I used just plain old candy melts, they sell them every where. 

I used red, white, green, and yellow.
They are super easy to use you just microwave them and remicrowave them as needed.
Tempering real chocolate is an art form.
This is just way simple, and you have all the colors ready.

I started by doing the blood stains with a brush. I froze it and let those dry.

Using two whole yellow candy pieces, I cut out bulging eyes. 
For my bunny the back of a piping tip made the perfet size.

 I piped red pupils and stuck them in the freezer.

I made a zombie green with a mixture of all the chips (even just a couple of the red). 
I just kept experimenting until I liked the color.

I painted a nice thick layer of the green in my mold getting in all the cracks. 
Then I poured more melted candy in and sealed my two sides together and moved it around to get an even coat on the inside. Then let it set in the freezer

After it set I popped it out of the mold and trimmed and cleaned up all the seems.

I reheat my red candy and added more details.

I used it to stick on his eyes and add more 3D blood drips

I used a little white and brushed on fangs......

and some ribs!

I just played around with the red until i felt satisfied.

It is really tempting to go nuts with the blood but a little goes a long way.

He will look adorable in someones easter basket.

Happy Easter!

                               Or just get a mold and make an army of zombie bunnies!

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  1. I know why you made this...because you are a cool artist! I love it! Fantastic! I love the ribs. I love the juxtaposition of the sweet (literally) bunny and the zombie. Perfect!