Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#3 Countdown to the Halloween

I saw a count down Halloween calendar similar to this in Pottery Barn Kids a few years back. 
I really wanted it, but it was some ridiculous price. 

I had already made a homemade Christmas advent calendar like the one my mom had made us as kids, We loved waking up each morning to that special treat, and counting the days left till the big day. 
It is very similar to this, so here is my Halloween version.

This one I don't have the tutorial on but its pretty explanatory.

I had thought of making a shape like a pumpkin or a witches hat but I liked the simple look of the orange pockets on black in PBKs, so I replicated that layout. But you could do any shape you what is just felt so its no sew.

I started with a big piece of black felt, this is about 3 x 5.

I folded the top and hot glued it, to make a pocket sleeve just big enough for the curtain rod to go through. You could sew this if you like.

Then I made pockets out of orange felt. I made more than 31 because i like the way it looked all squared off .. so they get a little something extra a couple days before and after October.

When you are measuring them, make sure to get them big enough to fit the stuff. 
I have three boys, so I need mine big enough for 3 of everything.

I glued these on too of course leaving and opening at the top.
 It's a pocket...get it!  Duh!

Again you can sew them on if you want.

All the little pictures on the front are felt pieces,
 I drew them on felt, cut them out and glued em on. Added some more details with fabric paints. 

I did the dates on some... I still mean to do them all. Its not finished as you can see. I do a little more every year. 

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