Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy week

I am looking at a busy weekend and upcoming week so I am not sure how many projects I will actually complete and post.

I make cakes, so lots of baking and prep work is in my future.

One of them is for my son, he is turning 4 years old. Only he keeps changing his mind about the cake he wants  first he wanted a Green Eggs & Ham then a Monster Truck today he told me a Yellow Submarine.

 So I figure It will be like a Food Network Challenge and I will have only 4 hours to complete his cake before the party.

Any way I was able to get some things for several future Halloween projects while I was out....

Ok so Haunters are looking at that and thinking 'Cool'... but a normal person is wondering what the hell does tide have to do with Halloween?

Oh on another note, aside from the fact that the craft stores are busting out Halloween stuff, they are opening Spirit right next to Walmart, Old Navy and Joannes near by. So this means I am not allowed to leave the house anymore.

Oh and Dollar Tree has some stuff out. In fact little crows are currently taking over parts of the house.

So any way I have to go back out and do some more shopping here in a  minute only this time its just boring groceries.

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