Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#5 Sparkly Spiders

As creepy as they can be.... spiders are really beautiful if you think about it.

Ok, so I'm sure some of you aren't buy'n it.

 Well here is a spider, who's beauty no one can deny!

He's so cute

This is a fun easy project.
Perfect for a mellow rainy day, drink a cup of coffee, crafty craft kind of afternoon.

So here is what I used.

  • 24 gauge wire
  • round nose pliers
  • flat nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • bugle beads
  • seed beads 
  • 1 oval  bead, about 1" long 
didn't have the flat nose in this pic, sorry

Measure and cut four 10" pieces of wire.
Trim them so they are all even as can be.

Bend them slightly at the center.
Don't crimp it, just give yourself the idea of where center is.

Slide your oval bead over one end of the wires.
Stop bead at just above center

Make sure his little spidy butt goes first. If he has one.

See how the bum rests just above center.

Bend the long end of the wire across the body.
Twist with pliers until they are nice and snug.

Separate his legs and make sure they are all securely twisted.
If you need twist and adjust a few.

start with two seed beads push them all the way down.
These help give the illusion of his upper body. as well a the beginning of the legs.

Next its 2 bugle beads.

Depending on the size beads you buy. 
You may want more or less, what ever looks good.
The ones I used were a little over 1 1/4 cm.

Keep alternating this pattern, ending with 1 seed
You will have 7 seeds and 6 bugles total per leg.

here is the whole pattern per leg is 

2 seeds
2 bugle
2 seeds 
2 bugles
2 seeds
2 bugles
1 seed 

After you have your last bead on
Take you round nose pliers and loop the end.
Use your flat head pliers to tighten.

Thats it there are so many variations on this. 
So many styles of beads you can use, so many colors. 

Get InSpidered!

Get it? 
Yeah, I have to do this from time to time.