Monday, August 16, 2010

My first post

This is my first post on my first blog. Yay for me.... finally getting with the times!

So here it is...... I like Halloween!

I like Halloween ALOT!!!!!

We were not really allowed to celebrate it when I was growing up....

...well at least not the way I wanted to celebrate it!

Church Fall Festivals... Anyone?!?!

So enough bitterness over my deprived childhood.... that is not what this site is about!

It's about making Kick Ass Halloween Stuff!

So I have decided to just start listing all the projects I am working on now or have made in the past along with how-to instructions.

 Over the years I have accumulated a number of cool ideas from all over the internet. And now I pour my crafty energy into my Halloween obsession. My goal is to not stop until I have "102 Wicked Things To Do" here on this blog.

 Some of these projects you may have seen before elsewhere, some are just common knowledge to Halloween folk . The ideas come from all over the place. I am going to try and stick with the most interesting and original ones I have found.

Oh and if you attempt any of this stuff yourself ....
Do So At Your Own Risk!!!

So if you burn yourself,  loose a limb, or die...

   It's your fault not mine!!!!

Happy Haunting


  1. This is such a fun blog, great ideas, thanks!

  2. LOVE your blog! You have amazing ideas and easy to follow. I, also, LOVE Halloween. I actually live in a "Haunted Castle" and it's decorated accordingly. :o) Thanx for some new ideas, and helping me improve on some old ones of mine...

  3. I just have to say, I've gone through your entire blog this afternoon/evening... what a fantastic piece of work!!! I can assure you I had to endure several "Fall Festivals" and "Harvest Parties" as a kid, and never got to truly experience a hauntingly chilling Halloween until well into adulthood. Thanks so much for sharing your creepy craftiness!!!! I plan to employ at least 20 of these projects in the following years with my husband (who is also a great fan of Halloween)!


  4. I hope you post more for this Halloween! Love all of your ideas!