Thursday, January 6, 2011

#13 Black Light Mask Room

This is based on a classic haunted dot room. 

The dot room has been around forever. What you do is set up a room with a black light, and cover it in neon dots. The trick is you hide someone in the room, in black, with dots allover them. When they move towards guests, the effect is very freaky.

This is basically the same idea just using masks.

I ordered these plain white masks from Oriental Trading Company $4.99 for a dozen.
Sorry having trouble attaching links right now.
Just go to their website and type in masks, they will come up.

They are flimsy and cheap but they work just fine for the walls. And the price just can't be beat. Most white masks are  $2 to $6 each at craft stores, and you need a ton for the effect to work.  I ordered 4 dozen and I wish I had ordered at least 6. It depends on how big the room is. Our room was just bigger than I originally thought.

I purchased these neon paints at Home depot. Walmart has some too, not as many colors as I recall and the price wasn't any better. Plus good luck getting help to unlock the spray paint shelf in Walmart.

One thing Walmart did have was the black plastic that I use for the walls of my haunt. It's in the paint section. Just painters plastic. Inexpensive, sturdy, and black. If one Walmart does not have it, look around at others. I've noticed some carry it, some don't around here.

I don't know why this won't rotate, it's rotated in my album.
I also used plastic primer to prime the masks.  I had mine on hand I think I got this from Lowe's a while back. Anyway you can get that anywhere.

So after they are all primed and painted and dry I  pinned them to the plastic walls in a random pattern with little black safety pins.

It turned out amazing!

Kind of hard to capture the full effect here. Black light pix don't turn out well on my camera but it was very bright. all you could see were masks. 

Save a couple masks for the scarer. I say a couple because you need quick back up incase the string breaks, which it did.

My spook wore the mask along with a cheap halloween hooded cloak, black socks, and gloves.

We hung the light  from the ceiling in the garage. 

For the black light I used my big one, it's like 40 inches or more . But I think two regular 18 inch ones should fill a room. Don't use the bulbs they are not as effective. 

You are so disoriented in the room with the masks everywhere and the black light. 

 You truly could not see her. She would stand perfectly still and then start coming towards you! People freaked! It was like a floating head moving around. I was shocked how great this room was. 

We had grown men screaming!


  1. I'd love to experience it myself. One day... Phantom Mom Cocoa,Fl.

  2. AWESOME idea! We do Halloween big at The Jedi Academy of Universal Understanding and this looks like it will be a super fun idea to add to our activities this year! I love your site, BTW. You obviously have a full appreciation for the spirit of Halloween.

  3. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!!!