Monday, January 10, 2011

#14 Witch Jars

 This is the easiest project and there are so many great ideas online. Some people go into great detail with amazing labels and such. I tend to keep mine simple with what I have on hand.

So Here are some of my Witch jars.

  For some I just use things from my pantry. I gave them new labels and put a little piece of cheese cloth and twine around the top. I wrote the real name of what's inside on the lids in sharpie. They stay this way year round.

With a little imagination ordinary ingredients become creepy.

Eye of Newt( pepper corns) Lizard Toes (whole cloves)

Scales of sea snake (fennel seeds) Pixie Dust (pastel sanding sugar)

Eye of Lycanthrope ( white cherries) Vampire Blood (water, corn syrup, and red food color with a touch of blue) Squid Ink (water, vinegar and black food coloring) 

Liver of Toad (artichoke hearts) Eye Of Goblin (red olives)

I also take empty jars and fill them with things. 
I like to get interesting jars and bottles. For example the shape of this bottle is perfect. 

Of course pasta, jelly, applesauce and giant pickle jars are wonderful.  I also like the small ones like minced garlic, horseradish. You can just paint the lids black if you want. Or like above rip up cheese cloth and spray it with tea or coffee to antique it. Then wrap it around the tops like above with twine.

You don't even need labels you can just put rubber  bugs and stuff in them with water and food colors. Hand sanitizer from dollar store is also good and it suspends things somewhat better and looks all slimy.

If you want the labels here is a easy how to. 

Find a font you like. Not necessarily creepy. This cursive font will work great. 
 You can download Halloween fonts online too. 
I rip the paper so the torn side is on the front of the label. Print side up, tearing towards me slowly.

carefully wrinkle it up and unfold.

soak in coffee or tea for a few hours.

Dump off the coffee and allow to dry completely. If you pick them up too soon and they will fall apart.

Then just mod podge them on or just glue them to your jars.

If you are doing a room with a black light tonic water is black light reflective. 

Or you can take take an old sharpies or a pac form dollar tree. 
Take the ink sponge thing out and soak them in your water.

Another thing that looks great in these is the magic grow things they sell everywhere. 
I got these at.....where else.... the dollar store.

They look so creepy in water with food colors. 
I don't even label them. This is good for a mad scientists lab too.

I chopped up the snake... looks so gross and cool! I don't label them.


  1. Have you though of using Balsamic Vinegar as Squid's Ink?

  2. Good idea, I should re-label the balsamic I use everyday. I could really worry people when I make homemade dressing.

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial. Awesome ideas on the ingredients as well as using the hand sanitizer!