Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#15 Rustic Lanterns

I wanted some old rusty looking lanterns hanging from the trees around my witch cauldron scene. I also liked the idea of it being something I could use year round. as outdoor garden lighting.

I've seen mason jars used as hanging lanterns in weddings before they usually are left clear with decorative sand in the bottom and a tea light. It's very pretty and casully elegant.

 I wanted mine to look old though,
 and give off a rusty amber glow.

So I started with the mason jars. I just coated the outside in mod podge to give it a foggy look. 
Could probably use just regular elmer's glue too, I just like any excuse to use mod podge.

(It's still wet here, but it dries to a frosty finish.)

Next I painted the inside with just a foam brush and slightly watered down acrylic paints.
 I used mostly Burnt Sienna and a little Raw Umber mixed. They gave a really good rust color.

I did a couple coats and layers playing up with splotches drips and varying some the two colors.

Then I would alternate sitting it up and down to dry.
 This let the drips go back and forth until I had a cool runny look.

It looks like they've been around forever.

Then splotched and dripped and smeared on the outside as well to give it even more depth. 
This is really messy and fun! You can't screw it up because its supposed to look random and distressed. 

I just used the floral wire I had on hand, about a 36 inch piece. 
I looped one end around and under the rim and twisted it tight.

Then looped the other end of the wire around to the opposite side and twisted it up tight.

I wanted my loops pretty long for a good distance from my tree limbs.

I will attach them too another piece of wire I wrap around the branch to make is all secure.

Then fill the bottom with a hand full of sand and put a tea light in.

 ( i used my kitchen tongs to set it in just right.)

They give a beautiful glow.

Later I will post pix of them in the trees at night

The jars are barely even warm to the touch.  Tea lights just don't give off that much heat. 
And even on a breezy night the sand holds the candle in place beautifully 

I have burned these for 6 hours (the life of my tea-lights) about 3 times over with no problems.

This is just a log of what I did. 
It involves an open flame which you should never leave unattended. 

If you want to try this, do so at your own risk!

 I am not responsible if you burn anything or anyone! 

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